Soft Power From Can-Am Outlander 800R

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Dear Motorhead,

Recently Luke did a review on Dirt Trax Television on Can-Am’s Outlandler 800 with power steering. I believe that it was a 2010. He mentioned that the power was off down low when compared with an 2008.

Is this the new norm for Can am? Can it be fixed with a new clutch kit like the one you guys put on a Polaris 800? This really leaves me baffled as to whether I should buy a Can-Am.

Thanks for your help.



Hey Bruce,

Thanks for your question. Here’s some insight into the Outlander 800R lineup for 2010. In 2009 the 800R came out and everyone was amazed by its power. The problem was that it hit so hard down low it became hard to control in tight situations and was actually frustrating to ride sometimes.

No doubt, if you were on a fast trail or open fire road it was awesome. But picking through rocks and tight stuff was difficult. So, for 2010 Can-Am softened the clutching on all 800R powered ATVs, which made them infinitely easier to ride in the tight stuff.

It didn’t hurt the top end at all but, softening the clutching did make them feel a little less impressive on initial squeeze. Even though we did ask for this change, we think they may have softened it up a bit too much. Now the 800Rs feel lazy on in initial squeeze and believe me, its not the motor. This is still the most power ATV you can buy.

I really do think a clutch kit, or even getting clutching from an 2009 would bring back that insane bottom end snap. The ’09 clutching would obviously bring back that lack of slow speed control, but if you can live with it, it sure feels good.

I hope this helps explain things and on a side note, the 800 MAX still has enough down low to pull 2-up wheelies.


Luke Lester
Dirt Trax Television

Dirt Trax Online
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