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Dear Motorhead:

I enjoy watching your show and have a question. With you fellows being out about the country have you heard anything about Polaris 2012 550 2 up axles breaking?

My wife an I are thinking about buying a new Polaris so we can both ride and be safe, but there appears to be some type of axle problem when you read some of the forums.

I have an older Yamaha from the 90’s and never had any trouble with axles. When I buy I would like to make sure I’m getting something that will last.

Thanks for input.


Thanks for your email!

We have heard of no such issue with any Polaris 4×4. The story is suspect as the axles on both the one up Sportsman 550 and 800 are identical to the two-up rear axles.

If they were failing there would be way more one up failures reported. This smacks of what we hate about internet forums – people with an axe to grind can create falsehoods and hide in anonymity.

Buy the Sportsman two up you want – they are a great, reliable ride! We have literally thousands of trouble free miles on them.

Motorhead Mark

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