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Dear Motorhead:

I have a 2011 700 TRV. Can you give me advice on which track system to purchase? Looking at a Tiger Trax or Tatou 4s system.

Also own a Honda 350 and the only advantage is the 4s can be placed on it as well.

Thanks and I appreciate any advice.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for submitting your question.

To answer this honestly I must say I do not have first hand experience with the Tiger Tracks. I’ve used almost every other design but not the Tiger Tracks system, but here are my observations as I did research them this morning and have some advice.

If both are the same cost I would pick the 4S Camoplast kit in a heartbeat. Camoplast’s business is tracks and track kits, they are tried and trusted and I have put them through some incredibly gruelling tests both summer and winter and never had one fail, both on an ATV and a side by side.

The 4S kit is designed to be used 4 seasons if you so choose, so you never need to worry if you put them on a little early and don’t have enough snow or keep them on too late.

Non-4-season kits such as the Tiger tracks system will experience overheating issues if you run them without enough snow, this will cause premature wear and can even melt components. As I said before I don’t have first hand experience with Tiger Tracks however I have had these issues with similar winter-only designs.

Camoplast also offers multiple gearing and mounting options so if you do decide to trade your ATV in down the road you have no problem going from an Arctic Cat to a Polaris to a Kawasaki to a Honda, they sell the adapters and main Sprockets to work with almost every ATV ever built.

This also makes resale of the tracks more desirable, as a buyer will have the confidence in paying a premium for a product he/she can still purchase parts and adapters for.

While I’m sure the Tiger Tracks will work well in the snow, if you are not paying a premium for the 4S kit, I would hands down pick that every time.

Camoplast backs its product up, sell parts should you require them, make a specific 4-season product and I fully believe it’s the best track kit for the money.

I’ve tried to break them by overloading and running vehicles through touch rocky terrain, mud, hard packed, and even on asphalt and just can’t get them to break or de-rail a track. They are one solidly designed kit.

Hope this helps and thanks for watching the show!

AJ Lester

AJ Lester
AJ Lester
AJ is Co-Host of DIRT TRAX Television which can be seen on OLN and Sportsman Channel in Canada, Outdoor Channel across America and globally on our YouTube channel.

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