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I’ve been seeing emails and posts on various sites lately and it seems like fair game on getting sponsorship for racing.

There are so many companies willing to give the right applicants assistance including some freebies, but at the very least heavy discounts on products that you use each weekend at the events.

This is something I would’ve loved to have as a young rider early in my racing career.

I’ve also heard some racers complaining about the amount of support they have available to them from each of the companies offering it.

Its hard for me to think that a rider with one season under his belt could have a program refined enough to get a free quad and piles of cash to support him as a racer. If you think any of these companies owe you big loot simply because you can ride a wheelie farther than anyone in your neighborhood you’re delusional. Recognition takes time and some really good riders barely have what they need even at the pro level.

The fact that you can get any help at all in this type of economic climate is a blessing and should be held at the highest level of appreciation. Each sponsor should be treated like it’s just as important as the other.

If you’re looking for help for the 2013 season then you need to start filling out applications now. If you’re lucky enough to get assistance in the way of a discount or a freebie from time to time, cherish that and let the sponsor know every time you can just how important they are to your program.

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