Will My Modified 500 Outlaw Beat A KTM 525?

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Dear Motorhead,

I own a 2006 Outlaw 500 and compared the horsepower and torque levels as well as researching the weight at 440 lbs compared to the 525 outlaw at 395 lbs.

I have added a White Brothers dual E2 exhaust, power intake, rejeted, open air lid with pre filter covering.

Seeing as acellaration is based on hp to weight ratio do you think this will put me up to snuff with a stock 525?



Thanks for your email!

You are correct – the old 500 Predator motor which is in your original Outlaw is heavier than the KTM 525. I doubt your mods will get you to the level of peak HP on tap in the 525 though. You’re dealing with one of the off road world’s most impressive powerplants and it’s tough to match the KTM.

Here’s the real issue – torque. The KTM produces huge low end power which your mods on the 500 will not duplicate or address.

While you’ll be putting out more jam with the mods you’ve performed the KTM leaves hard and pulls like a tactor down low.

In any case, enjoy your Outlaw – it is in my opinion the most impressive Pure Sport chassis in the biz right now.

Motorhead Mark

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