2-Up Controversy

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Some of the big seven ATV manufacturers are still shying away from building 2-up models.

While we think it’s safe to say some of these OEMs are ‘liability conscious’, we think it’s much more appropriate for the industry to respond to the overwhelming incidence of ATV flip-overs caused by riders doubling up on single passenger ATVs.

The more accident info we’re exposed to from across the North American marketplace the more we continue to be shocked by data pointing at the dangers of 2-up riding on one passenger models.

Suffice it to say, if you carry two on your one-up ATV or if you allow it to be used by others in this manner, you are at extreme risk.

Strangely, in the motorcycle world, manufacturers offer many models clearly not designed for two people yet foot pegs and a teeny-weeny passenger seat make it not only possible to carry a passenger on these bikes but make it completely legal to do so.

In the snowmobile world there’s a fleet of 2-up models capable of accommodating a passenger comfortably and safely yet it is not illegal to jam a passenger on the back of a built-for-one model and ride off into the sunset.

WE have to wonder why there’s so much paranoia in the ATV industry about building properly engineered and safe 2-up models.

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