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When it comes to ATVs, Can-Am puts a mother lode of focus on its V-twin Outlander models, the 570, 800, 1000 and in earlier years, the 650 and 500. Standing quietly in the shadows and not getting much attention was the 400 (now a 450).

Truth is, the 450 is an extremely attractive 4-wheeling buy and for more than just a couple of reasons.

The latest 450 is much lighter than any of the V-twin Outlanders and that translates into nimble handling and genuine agility in rough trail situations.

For instance, the weight difference between the 570 and the 450 is only 26-lbs but it feels like way more.

Probably a combination of the 450’s strong torque curve and the way the lighter single cylinder engine is placed in the chassis is what makes it feel lighter at the handlebars and less cumbersome in the bumps.

Incidentally, the 450 and the 570 share exactly the same chassis platform so you’re getting the same double A-arms up front and Can-Am’s exclusive torsional (TTI) trailing arm setup at the rear. With standard issue juice shocks, this combo offers an excellent ride.

A few years ago Can-Am began offering tube steel racks on its baseline models and we were immediately impressed with how lean the Can-Am bodywork looked with the change. There are plenty of attachment points and the racks are just as functional as ever.

Back to the driveline, specifically the engine: This recently punched-out to 427ccs SOHC EFI single makes great power down low and revs out cleanly to trail speeds. At 38-hp there’s plenty of power for lugging and carrying, too.

One feature we love is the Visco-Lok self-locking differential up front. Although there’s selectable 2-4WD, you don’t have to worry about finding another switch or lever to lock the diff.

Just keep it rolling in 4×4 and when you hit a mud hole, the diff senses wheel speed and a viscous coupling automatically locks you in. A great feature, and one that’s worth a few bucks against the competition when you’re checking the value meter.

Here’s some other things we like: A nice digital gauge, not too big and not too small – just with everything you need to know.

Also, a 5.4-gallon fuel tank: With this gas-miserly engine, you should have enough fuel to tow your friends’ ATVs back home when they run out. Lots of travel and ground clearance: 9-inches up front and 8.8 at the rear and GC is a healthy 10.5-inches.

The 450 represents the latest chassis technology from Can-Am and a very good engine-driveline package to enhance it.

Downsizing to a single, you’re not giving up much and may just fall in love with this ATV.

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