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We’re not sure but the concept of a 6-passenger UTV may have been Polaris’ brainchild originally.

These things go back so far we honestly can’t remember if anyone was building a 6-placer when this one was introduced.

Whatever. Polaris has had plenty of time to work the kinks out and get it right.

We focused here on the 900 because it lines up better than the 1000 with some of the smaller displacement vehicles on the market.

This DOHC 875cc inline twin is no slouch, though. In this iteration, it’s been de-tuned to 68-hp with the emphasis placed on grunt rather than redline.

Polaris “true 4×4” includes selectable AWD, 4WD locked and 2WD. It’s easy to just leave it set in AWD all the time and let the drive system do the thinking – so logical even the brain-dead can get it right.

One area we see improvement in is in the 900’s shifter. It works much more accurately and smoother than in the past – a real boon to snow plowing. There’s also VersaTrac on the 900, which is the Polaris version of turf mode.

As expected, Polaris has nailed the ride compliance and this 10-inch-deep double A-arm set-up delivers great ride results over all kinds of terrain, even when loaded down with gear and people. There’s no damping adjustability – just spring adjustment for when you’re loaded up.

The cab is roomy and efficient with plenty of dash storage – mostly dry – and front and rear bench seating that allows good elbow room plus a very flat floor offering lots of legroom for passengers.

Obviously, to keep costs down, Polaris hasn’t included doors in the base price of the 900 Crew and it’s a shame.

True, many ranch and farm workers just leave the nets down or disconnect the throttle limiter so they can perform work duties – but that kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

Ideally, you’d invest in the Pro-Fit cab accessories that make the whole cab a sealed unit.

Expensive, yes, but it’s so easy to install this stuff and it makes such a difference, it’s somehow worth it.

The 900 constitutes high value but has a pretty spartan equipment package. That being said, if you want aluminum wheels, power steering and more power you can ante up for the 1000 Crew.

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