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We’ve been riding so many side-x-sides lately sometimes it feels like they’ve completely stolen the spotlight away from ATVs. That’s why when it’s time for us to review an ATV we get pretty excited. After all, ATVs are our roots.

Don’t get us wrong, taking friends and family along for a ride on a SxS is a blast, but there’s something special about swinging a leg over the seat of an ATV and tackling challenging terrain – especially when there’s a stable full of horses available at the flick of your thumb.

The 570 Sportsman SP sits right in the meatiest part of the market, and for good reason. The leap from a 450 or a 500 to a 570 isn’t a bank-breaker for shoppers in this class at an MSRP of $8,699 USD.

Besides, there’s enough power being churned out of its 44-horsepower OHC single to give its rider a sense of self-respect. In fact there’s enough jam to lift the front tires off the ground at full squeeze from a dead stop, something that will send a tickle to your nether-regions every single time.

This engine is capable of tackling steep slopes with ease and its velvety driveline will inject a shot of excitement into your everyday trail ride.

The other plus for the 570 is its full-sized Sportsman chassis delivering the same durability as its bigger bore siblings.

A dual A-arm front end and independent rear suspension complimented by decent shocks make for not just a silky smooth ride, but provide a gi-normous 11.5-inches of ground clearance – more than enough to save your ATV from wince-producing rock hits while navigating gnarly terrain.

Shift to low-range, flick your right thumb to initiate Polaris’ True On-Demand All Wheel Drive and then stab the throttle to confidently navigate through soupy mud-holes without fear of getting hung up or high-centered.

Circling back to the Sportsman’s suspension, we need to comment on how smooth and balanced the 570 feels. Blasting through stutters with the throttle taped left our test pilots feeling fully in control of the ATV with no bucking sensation up through the chassis at all, mogul after giant mogul.

Personally, this writer doesn’t feel Polaris has the industry’s best EPS system, but Polaris’ Variable Assist Electronic Power Steering does provide adequate input when engaging big hits and significantly reduces bar whip so you’re always in control of the vehicle and focused on the trail.

The Sportsman boasts a single lever hand-operated brake that modulates 4-wheel hydraulic disc brake force to the front and rear wheels and then there’s a foot-actuated rear brake pedal.

When climbing or going back downhill, the EBS Engine Braking System along with Active Descent Control work hand in hand to provide four wheel braking and deceleration when descending steep slopes. You can navigate confidently without fear of freewheeling when rolling down intimidating switchbacks or hillsides.

One thing not all manufacturers prioritize on ATVs is storage. Polaris has it covered. There’s a latching trunk to store tools or extra water bottles and a high capacity clamshell front rack for carrying an extra layer of clothing, spare goggles, your Skippy and jam on Wonder Bread or just about anything else you think you might need.

The additional storage is particularly welcome as temperatures change through the day and you sometimes need to add or remove warmer garments and require a place to stow them. You can also keep a spare garbage bag for trail clean up, or have a towrope handy in case you need to help a buddy.

The general consensus around our shop is that even the biggest cynics seemed pleased with the overall performance and presentation of the Sportsman 570 SP.

One thing everybody agrees on, however, is that this trim package needs better quality tires to compliment its beautiful paint and blacked-out aluminum wheels.

Something like Maxxis Bighorn 2.0’s or ITP Terra Cross tires would add some showroom sizzle and would definitely put the 570 SP at an advantage over its competition.

We can go on and on about useable power and although there’s ego-boosting appeal to having the biggest Big Bore on the market, most of us are aiming for an ATV that will excite us, keep up with our friends and take the abuse we put it through all at a price that’s not going to break us.

You’ve got options in this engine class and we think the Sportsman 570 SP is high on the list of ones you need to consider.

Mike Lester
Mike Lester
Mike Lester is Staff Photographer and Digital Content Manager for Dirt Trax TV. He is also a Contributing Editor and Guest Correspondent on the show.

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