700 Grizzly with EFI and Power What?!

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The engineering department at Yamaha has solved the problem of torque steer by adding electric power steering – a feature unheard of so far in the industry.

An electric power steering ram and aluminum steering box – a first for an ATV, is attached to the steering post and acts as an assist when moving the handlebars right or left.

Our first impression was the steering is very light. It took a few minutes to adjust to it but the difference is incredible, especially when tracking down a rock strewn trail. Hit an obstacle with the left or right tire and there’s no reefing or grabbing the bars from your tense grip whatsoever.

As a matter of fact, you can hang on gently, arms loose, easing your tendency to arm pump and work the bars through a full cycle without any change in effort.

We thought there might be a big weight penalty – not so. Yamaha has pared and skimmed weight everywhere on the 700 and even with power steering it weighs in at a measly two pounds more than the old 660 Grizz.

Watch for the full report in the next issue of All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine!

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