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During a recent Turkey hunt in Nebraska I had a chance to sit down with a leading guide in the hunting industry.

Doug Stults of 1st Western Adventures has been hunting using his trusty 2002 Yamaha Grizzly since it was new and has used it for many wild game recoveries.

I was impressed when he admitted he hadn’t done anything to the engine or even installed a new drive belt on the beast since he bought it. Can you believe his ATV has hauled many 800-pound animals from the field and has never needed a belt?

Yamaha’s Ultramatic CVT transmission is excellent, but this was still impressive. Doug takes his machine to his local Yamaha Dealer for routine maintenance as well as when it needs service. Proper attention has made this Grizzly last over the years.

This one testimonial reinforces the fact that preventative maintenance is important and also that when you buy a machine, buy quality and your money will be well spent.

Buying a cheap-o ATV or SXS and hoping it’ll stand up to your abuse for years is simply foolish. You may save a few dollars up front, but when it eventually breaks down your whole savings goes right out the window.

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