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Ever considered traveling to Baja Mexico to participate in the toughest off-road race on the continent?

If you have not had the chance to race or at least watch the mighty Baja 1000 just south of the border then you have missed an adventure.

This year’s race is steadily approaching and in just a few weeks (November 14th-17th) the starting line will be packed.

The fun begins in the heart of Ensenada and this year the track goes all the way to LaPaz. It will be very tough for spectators as well as racers.

I remember many times in my adventures in the wilds of Baja that I really loved the sheer excitement of being in another country and getting to enjoy the culture there.

Racing there wasn’t easy at all for a few good old boys from Georgia. We had to drive out across the United States a couple of weeks in advance to make sure we would get at least half of the course registered in our minds so when the green flag dropped we’d actually survive the 800 or 900 miles to the finish.

I remember sleeping under the stars in the desert for the first time in my life with temperatures touching 90 degrees during the day and freezing at night.

The wild desert dogs came out at night and turned over our cooler as well as the plastic container that had a ton of snacks in it. I am glad I slept through it.

I always get excited about this time of year and whether I’m there or at home watching the coverage on the many forums its always a great time.

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