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Its already fall here in the south and the days are blasting by like everything is on fast-forward.

The cool northern winds are rushing in and even though we don’t get the crazy snowfall like the northern states or like our friends up in Canada we still have to prepare our ATVs for the cooler temps.

Here are a few recommendations for keeping your quad running smoothly this winter.

Change the oil in your ATV to little thinner viscosity. Getting an ATV started on a very cold day using heavy oil can be nearly impossible sometimes. That’s when you’ll notice the battery on your quad begin to fade really fast. The cold, thick oil puts stress on the engine, which puts stress on the starter, which drains the battery, which is already cold.

The battery on an ATV will reveal its weakness during colder months as well. Using a Battery Tender to keep a charge during downtime will greatly improve the life of your battery. The last thing you need to do is spend an hour trying to pull start a quad in freezing temperatures.

One other suggestion is to drain the gas tank completely to be sure there is no water mixed in with the fuel. This is no doubt something you should do before each riding season, but condensation can build quickly when an ATV is cold and then warms up.

These are just a couple things to watch for, though the list can go on and on. You can also check out some in-season tips from the boys at Dirt Trax TV…

Watch video:

If you have a special technique to winterize your ATV let’s hear it!

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