Arctic Cat Refines Its ATV line-up for ’07

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Sales of ATVs have been flattening out recently, but Arctic Cat continues to see substantial growth as its offerings find more buyers in every succeeding season.

Expecting to see another increase of 8-10 percent in 2007, AC has sharpened its line of 22 distinct models with a new Goodyear Rawhide RS tire program, more 2-passenger models and a slimmer, more rationalized engine group.

A huge line of accessories for the Speedrack system plus lever-actuated full locking diff in select models, improved digital dash in many premium models, cooler riding engine side covers and the 2-inch receiver hitch go together to make the latest ATVs from Arctic Cat some of the industry’s most appealing.

Will this brand continue to grow in a flat market? There is certainly enough in the way of features, performance, equipment and “sizzle” to get the job done in 2007.

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