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I have learned something vital in order to keep moving forward and that’s to stay focused and never give up.

Being in the offroad powersports industry has allowed me to do many different things and one being just learning the many different places of which I could see my self working.

However, when you say negative things about your life, chances are you’ll stay in that mindset and position until you decide to change that. Now, I say YOU because it’s only YOU who can get motivated enough to make a change.

Do you have skills in the technical or mechanical field of motorsports? Do you work on your own ATV or SXS successfully and pride yourself in making each job a learning experience as well as final, meaning its done right the first time. Are you currently seeking a job because maybe yours is not getting you to the position you want to be in life?

I’ve read a lot of press lately about how motorcycle and ATV technicians are in high demand and with a good skill set you have a chance to do something you love.

Here’s a list of a few things that might help you become a successful candidate that shops are looking to hire:

1. Look professional and act professional
2. Be focused
3. Be self-motivated
4. Be on time
4. Be responsive to the needs of the employer
5. Cares about customers and their offroad vehicles
6. Be a team player
7. Be mechanically proficient

If you want to become a part of the industry that you love just set a goal and start moving towards it. Nothing is impossible unless you refuse to try.

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