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Who would have thought that the technology in air suspensions would be so prevalent yet not widely used in the ATV market?

Sure, most of the sport riders have used the FOX air shocks, but I wonder why more utility quads don’t come with the ability to adjust the suspension via air.

There are many companies making air shocks but it seems that the UTV market is getting all of the attention, or at least for the past few years.

Can-Am has introduced a few new Sport Utility ATVs like the Max Limited that features FOX’s Air Control Suspension and unless I have missed something only Can-Am offers the ability to adjust the shock load features onboard without having to back up to the local gas station air compressor.

The onboard air compressor gives up six preset elevations for the shocks and the Mud monster Can-Am Outlander XMR also brings the height and overall ground clearance into play as it raises the front and rear simultaneously.

I am not really sure I would buy air shocks for my quad, but if they were available in a kit with an onboard compressor I might be persuaded.

Being able to adjust the weight capacity on the front or rear of my machine in an instant might be a nice feature and especially if I used my ATV for farm or general work purposes.

Just imagine how much more versatile your ATV would become when you have full control to adjust your ride quality without even getting up.

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