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Polaris Outlaw 525 IRS

Staying true to last year’s BIC pick, the independently suspended, KTM powered Outlaw returns for an encore.

While the Sport ATV Trail class is flooded with great products, nothing else compares to the capabilities the Outlaw IRS system offers buyers in this segment.

Its incredibly potent KTM powerplant is aggressive enough to counter-rotate the earth.

It’s interesting to note the KTM mill does not have EFI but still delivers a copious reservoir of muscle over a broad powerband.

The IRS system displays an appealing tendency to remain stiff when playing on the track then softening when ridden hard on trails where independent wheel action is really needed.

With a large list of bodywork tweaks and ergo changes for 2009, we’re confident Polaris will continue to dominate with this IRS equipped sport rooster.

RUNNERS-UP: Yamaha Raptor 700 EFI, Honda 700XX EFI

RAPTOR: Arguably the original Sport Trail ATV, the Raptor has seen more consecutive years of sales dominance than any other Sport Class ATV currently built.

Year to year changes and, more recently, a total overhaul, including an EFI mill, have kept the Raptor at the top of the sales and popularity charts.

A commitment to quality without compromise has made the Raptor legendary for resale appeal and overall durability.

Continuing to push the envelope, Yamaha offers the Raptor in SE trim, netting trick graphics, better shocks and other cool amenities.

HONDA: A 700 EFI sport ride with IRS? Yep, that got our attention. While the initial suspension calibration didn’t turn us on too much, the style in which only Honda can execute an idea did.

Typically, the handling here is precise and predictable. Amazing quality, perfect fit and finish are the starting point for a wild, multi-tasking sport ATV.

An ultra stiff anti-sway bar and an oversprung rear end lends the XX more to high speed track and dune riding than playriding and long distance trail excursions.

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