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WINNER: Arctic Cat MudPro 700

Just when it seems like every idea has been milked in the ATV business, someone comes up with a completely new concept.

In the case of Arctic Cat’s MudPro, it looks like the idea was such a bulls-eye, it caught the competition completely off-guard.

Since the first MudPros were introduced, they’ve been selling like rain hats in a monsoon. This year there’s an even wider range of models being offered.

Because of its combination of amazing ground clearance, big tires, special EFI mapping and lowdown gearing it’s an amazing performer in the deepest quagmires.

Of course, the big air intake funnel at the front is the single item that makes it immediately identifiable and causes all the commotion when ATVers are gathered around for a look.

This is an incredible package, offered right from the factory, that obviously has grabbed the attention of a market not many knew existed.

Congratulations to Arctic Cat for keeping its thumb on the pulse of the ATV business and for being willing to take a big risk with an exciting new product.


Polaris RZR

Although the “Razor” has been around a couple of years now, we can’t help but notice that no other manufacturer has actually come up with a viable competitor to it.

This means the idea behind a high performance, off-road buggy for the masses was so far off everyone else’s radar screen they haven’t been able to catch up yet.

The execution of a phenomenal idea, capable of reaching into the dreams (and wallets) of thousands of potential buyers has created its own industry segment and even a sub-category for our Best-In-Class Awards.

Polaris Ranger EV

Polaris deserves recognition for coming up with a concept that, in theory, should produce yawns and turning it into something fun and exciting.

Not only is the EV an answer to the environmental lobby but it’s also completely functional as a work beast and surprisingly good entertainment off-road.

It’s slightly smaller dimensions work in its favor to deliver agile handling and less weight to ensure the battery system has decent range.

Could be the first of many electric off-road vehicles… as a matter of fact, we’d bank on it.

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