Bombardier 650 Outlander HO

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While the white coat wearing Engineers at BRP are reluctant to put a number on the new 650 Outlander HO, it becomes immediately clear its smaller bore engine delivers between 52 and 54 HP which is pretty close to Kawi’s Brute Force 750.

With a huge performance margin already banked with the Outlander 800, BRP enters the 650 class with a vehicle that’s as powerful as the strongest ATV in the competitive segment. Simply, the 650 is a carbon copy of the 800 with a slightly smaller bore.

The engine uses the same Bosch EFI system, the same CVT and an identical Visco-Lok 4×4 system. You’ll remember Visco-Lok delivers full differential action in 4-sheel drive until 1 front wheel begins to lose grip then the front diff locks up producing true 4×4.

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