Polaris Outlaw Changes the Rules

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The pure sport market has been a tough battle for Polaris. Although the Predator is a great ATV with many features not available from the competition, it has struggled to compete with the incredible popularity of Yamaha’s YFZ-450 and Honda’s TRX 450R.

Instead of trying to fight on a level playing field, Polaris pulled the sheets off the new Polaris Outlaw and in one swift motion set the Pure Sport market on its collective ear.

The Outlaw has only one thing in common with the Predator: its rock solid 499cc twin cam, 4-valve liquid cooled engine driving a gear-on-gear manual tranny with reverse. The rest of the Outlaw is a completely new concept from the ground up.

The Outlaw debuts Polaris’ PRO IRS delivering 10 true inches of travel and a true 11.5 inches of ground clearance. The suspension system employs fully rebuildable Fox racing shocks all around with piggybacks in the rear.

The rear break caliper and sprocket are located up high within the Outlaw’s tubular frame and completely out of harm’s way. The front suspension is similar to the Predator’s but tweaked and lightened for maximum performance in the gnarly stuff.

The Outlaw’s aluminum silencer hangs dead-center in the rear of the ATV – generating a very “bullet-bike-ish” visual appeal which may be the only view you’ll get of the Outlaw on the trails.

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