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We nearly fell over when we saw how many votes were cast in favor of the old Traxter.

Heavy, awkwardly wide, unsophisticated driveline? Boring? You bet.

The point is, the Traxter got votes because of its walk-through ergonomics, its tough-as-nails lifespan and its amazing hauling and pulling power.

The hunters in our test crew swear there’s no better ATV to haul a carcass out of the wild or hundreds of pounds of gear to the hunt camp. The Max takes an extra passenger, too.

When you’re doing actual work duties like fence repair on the range or pulling a small grader or plow, the Traxter works like a tractor and will do it all day long without complaining.

You can jump on and off this ATV without fatigue and its non-IRS back end actually rode surprisingly well.

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