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Can-Am’s Defender has unsettled the competition the last year or so – no doubt a goal Can-Am wanted to reach but actually may not have been completely convinced could be achieved.

Riding this vehicle even a short distance, you’re impressed with its innovative engineering and magnetic smoothness of operation.

Steps have been taken to ensure this drivetrain produces the absolute minimum vibration from its engine and that silken response spools from its CVT transmission.

Seating comfort is a priority and its ride and handling stand tall among the best of the best in the utility segment.

We recently received a 50-hp, 800cc Defender 3-seater press unit and wanted to see what Can-Am offered for outdoor recreationists who use a vehicle like this specifically for hunting.

Anyone using a SxS for this knows there are certain attributes in a vehicle that can make your trip out to the stand or fishing hole easier and then make the ride home a pleasure.

Considering the Defender was built to accommodate at least two people on its bench-style seat and that there’s a roomy, tilting cargo bed at the rear, you’d think that was all you’d need to satisfy the outdoor segment.

Not so. We selected some key add-ons from Can-Am’s accessory catalog and then threw in one major aftermarket feature we feel turns the Defender into a hardcore hunting conveyance.


Anyone knows you can’t just leave unsecured rifles clattering around in the bed of a SxS. Furthermore, most hunters want to bring more than one gun per person on a hunt. What do you do with all that artillery?

1. Can-Am offers a cool in-cab Dual Gun Holder that mounts on the floor between the driver and passenger. Since it stores the rifle vertically, you can unsecure it from its top clamps in an instant and then just pull the gun stock out of the base when you see a target.

2. Kolpin also makes a beautiful Gun Boot 6.0 Impact for the Defender that mounts firmly to the rear of the vehicle up high behind the rear window. This boot uses a hinged hard plastic shell to keep the gun dry and free from harm as you’re traveling over rough terrain.

3. A third alternative would be Kolpin’s LinQ Mounted Gear Grips that attach to the side rails of the bed using Can-Am’s unique LinQ fastening system and strong, ratcheting clamps to secure your weapon.

This set-up offers quick, easy release and very secure mounting both to the vehicle and to the rifle. Fishermen can also utilize this adjustable clamping system to secure poles, nets and other bulky gear.

All of these gun storage systems can be found in the Can-Am catalog and are available from your dealer.


Stowing tall equipment in the bed of a SxS can be a pain, literally, when it slides around or can’t be mounted securely back there. There’s nothing worse than coming to a sudden stop or riding over unexpected holes and dislodging everything in the bed and sending it flying into the cab.

This rack, securely mounted at the front of the bed, covers the whole rear window area and provides infinite mounting points to tie or bungee down what you’re carrying in the rear.

It’s strong and made of steel with durable mesh so you can still see through it for backing up. The above-mentioned Gun Boot uses a custom Kolpin Auto Latch-Mount attached to the Headache Rack to secure up to two gun boots.


If you’ve ever been attacked by branches when you’re trying to maneuver through tight spaces in the woods then you know how nice it is to have a roof over your head and front protection from leaves and other stuff.

We’re not even mentioning the obvious relief from the pouring rain you’ll get. Can-Am’s Bimini Roof is made of durable poly and wraps around the upper roll cage with Can-Am’s own mounting system. Roof available in camo or black. Polycarbonate windshields available in half, flip-up or full-sizes.


Don’t think you’ll need a winch? You only have to get mired once and make the 5-mile walk back to camp before you know how precious a good winch can be. 4500-lbs of pulling power pretty much guarantees you can save yourself the walk. Available with nylon or steel winch lines.


Mark Lester
Mark Lester
Mark Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular Host on Dirt Trax TV.

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