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It seems like we’re always meeting people who ask us which SxS they should buy. The truth is, this is a question we can’t possibly answer.

Here’s why: For starters, we don’t live where they live; we don’t ride the same terrain they do; we don’t ride exactly how they ride and we don’t ride with the people they ride with. So what fits perfectly for some may not work for someone else.

It would be nice to think there’s one SxS that can do everything for everyone. However, if you think about it, the beauty of this industry is the diversity of the products available. These days, there’s something built to fit everyone’s needs and part of the fun is the search to find the right one specifically for you.

When the above question comes up, our standard response is to learn more about you and what you plan to do with the vehicle. Then, given those parameters, we try to recommend a suitable model. Unfortunately, there’s one major buying factor even this in-depth investigation can’t account for.

No matter what model our experience tells us would be the best choice for you, if it doesn’t rev you up in some indefinable, pleasurable way, you likely won’t be happy with it.

Off-roading is about passion and excitement. Whether you’re a hunter headed into the camp or a sport rider in the dunes you’re there because you love off-roading in the outdoors. If the vehicle you’re driving doesn’t get you excited, the whole experience will be as cold as the bottom shelf of your refrigerator.

The amount of information available on each and every model in the SxS market is staggering. From editorials and test rides by the professionals at Dirt Trax magazine and Dirt Trax TV, to unqualified user reviews and opinions on YouTube, you can see and hear about all your potential buying options from every possible angle.

Good, bad or ugly, it’s all out there for the world to see, and this info, no matter the quality of the content, is right at your fingertips. It’s truly up to you to seek it out, separate the quality content from the garbage, and then process it so you can make a decision.

I guess what we’re saying is you should do basic research before asking for help. We love to help, however we love to help even more when we know you’ve tried on your own first.

Getting bogged down in the info-cesspool is a real possibility given the amount of information, good and bad, that’s out there. TMI (Too Much Information Syndrome) occurs when you’ve spent too much time researching and not enough time deciding.

When the line between informed, unbiased information and bare conjecture, based on little or no experience gets blurred, it can seem like there are no good choices.

As with all mental disorders, talking about it can help. We love talking to readers and viewers suffering from TMI Syndrome. The cure for TMIS is to trust those who’ve earned it and ditch those opinions-givers who haven’t earned respect in the industry.

For nearly 20 years DirtTrax has been producing unbiased, no-bull tests and reviews of nearly every ATV and SxS on the market. We don’t have to spend our own money on these vehicles so loving one brand versus another has nothing to do with what we have invested. If we love it, it’s because it’s loveable. If we hate it, it’s because it just plain sucks.

None of us have any reservations about telling it like it is because when the dust settles, our reputation is where our credibility comes from.

So, honestly, check in with us on the pages of this website and watch us on television and YouTube so we can weigh in on your decision and help you sort through all the info you’ve gathered so you can make the best buying decision possible.

Luke Lester
Luke Lester
Luke is Co-Host of DIRT TRAX Television which can be seen on OLN and Sportsman Channel in Canada, Outdoor Channel across America and globally on our YouTube channel.

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