Can-Am More Than Just A Name

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Over at BRP the Can-Am brand appears to be gaining immediate acceptance. We’re shocked to hear the revived handle flowing from the tongues of consumers after such a short time in the public eye. Clearly, this is another home run for the BRP crew led by visionary CEO, Jose Boisjoli.

While the sticking of Can-Am logos on Outlanders is more a marketing move than an engineering breakthrough, we think the marketplace may be about to get a full dose of the real meaning of Can-Am.

The much rumored (actually fully disclosed but officially denied by BRP) launch of its assault on the 450 Pure Sport market is very, very close. Why do we think this will be significant? First, there’s Rotax. Look for a mind boggling 450cc mill that’ll jolt the normal, testosterone stimulated mind.

There’s no doubt this new Can-Am will have ji-normous power. The company is bent on competing head-to-head with the big guys in the ATV market. Look at the Outlander 500, 650 and 800, all at or near the top of their respective classes, doing battle with industry icons that have been there for two, three and four times longer than BRP.

We expect a full-on intro and press launch in early 2007. Stay tuned.

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