Husqvarna HUV Trail Riding Through Uwharrie

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By: Mike Lester

Our team recently visited Husqvarna’s US headquarters in North Carolina to evaluate its Utility Vehicle. You can read about all the details in Volume 8, #2 of All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine, but we saved the ride specifically for this website.

We loaded up the truck with both the gas and diesel powered Husqvarna HUVs and headed about 1 hour outside of Charlotte NC to Uwharrie National Forest for a day of riding. Under a cloudless, sunny sky and enjoying near perfect temperatures, we put them to the test.

We like to test under real world conditions and tackle the kinds of conditions our readers are experiencing so that what we print in each issue is honest and based on the truest limitations of each unit. Husqvarna had absolutely no problem with this whatsoever, confidently suggesting the more difficult trails for us to ride.

I spent a good part of the day with the diesel. It boasts significant power and can easily take two up steep inclines and over seriously gnarly terrain. I recall at one point, being mostly vertical while the HUV still gripped tightly to the rocky floor and pulled us up and over without a cough.

The solid rear axle wasn’t necessarily a bonus over the deepest bumps and moguls but over smoother portions it handled stutter bumps really well, feeling more like off-roading in the comforts of a pickup truck.

Uwharrie offers excellent trails for the off-roader that range from smooth dirt roads to rock covered hill climbs. Journeying through the National Forest is made easy by well-marked trails navigated with simple-to-use trail maps available at the local outfitter. Daily trail passes are also available here for a minimal charge.

Husqvarna’s HUV handled our abuse very well. Although we think it’s best suited for farming, ranching and the job site, it’s good to know that if inclined, you can take the HUV for a good off-road boot and it will hold its own.

Pick up the latest edition of All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine to catch the full article about Husqvarna’s HUV.

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