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Yeah, this one surprised some of us, too. With all the hot rod V-twin Outlander variations out there, why did so many of us mark our ballot for the lowly 400 single?

There was no doubt when the polling was tallied, this Outlander was a clear favorite. BTW: The more recent 450 version pulled a lot of votes, too.

The most repeated comment came from those who felt the 400 nailed it for agility and lightness in a very versatile, medium displacement 4WD package. It was almost like the Sportsman 500 conversation all over again.

One thing became crystal clear here. Our crew really likes ATVs that feel light and nimble.

The Outlander 400 may not have been the very lightest of all the 400s in its day, but it behaved like it was.

Through the bumps and off-cambers and when in 4-wheel drive facing an ugly quagmire, this wheeler performed like a featherweight.

Its bulletproof SOHC single could spit out power very close to most 500s and its Visco-Lock-equipped 4WD was extremely effective both when climbing or when mired in sticky goo.

Yeah, not the fastest, not the prettiest, not the most sizzle but just a really good friend to take along on a day’s riding.

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