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Exclusive Editorial By: AJ Lester

Since the introduction of the 800cc Renegade anticipation has grown for Can-am to release a smaller-bore adaptation.

With the 650 and 500 V-Twin Rotax mills sitting on the parts shelf, it was a no-brainer what the next move should be. The 500 is an understandable choice and requires no shoehorning or manipulating to fit the Renegade frame making for an easy build.

The 500 mill works beautifully in the Renegade chassis delivering ample and useable power on both tight trails and open fire roads.

The V-Twin grunt of the 500 will easily spin the rear meats but keep in mind this is considered the entry level Renegade so riders who’ve already experienced the child like giggling produced by cracking the trigger on the 800 might notice a sizeable step down in power.

Our crew was impressed that Can-Am packed the 500’s feature list. Apart from its shocks it closely mirrors its bigger brother. The 500 loses the silver HPGs and gets outfitted with a set of Sachs motion control gas shocks. The black Sachs shocks are the only betrayal when differentiating between the 500 and the 800.

The new for ’08 dual lever brake system on both the 500 and 800 and offers riders even more control. Improved Visco-Lok front diff engages providing seamless operation and better control over muddy or loose surfaces.

Center cast aluminum wheels with reinforced rolled edge rims are right off the 800 and not only look slick, they add functionality and strength. Wrapping rims are 6-ply ITP Holeshot ATRs delivering strength and grip in all conditions.

At the end of the day the 2008 V-Twin 500 Renegade is a great ATV. Can-Am delivers all the features of the bigger 800 with an easier to handle price tag.

We think this ATV will be another homerun for a company that’s comfortable hitting them out of the park.

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