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I paid a visit to my local dealer recently and was able to speak with the owner for a few minutes, which I really enjoyed.

It’s not often you can walk into a dealership and talk directly to the owner and even more rare to see a full-line dealership stay in business for the length of time this particular shop has.

I often hear people complaining about high prices at the dealer and how the shop charges way too much for service and repairs, but the reality is it’s not cheap to run a powersports dealership.

If you pay seventy dollars an hour for service, you’re keeping the business alive with that hourly charge. It’s used on products everyday to get the work finished. Things like rubber gloves, shop paper towels; hand cleaner and specialty tools and equipment to further diagnose your machine.

They’re also constantly paying to further educate their mechanics to ensure their skills are at the top of the scale so they can diagnose problems and fix them faster.

It also helps if the mechanics can work in the cool of the air conditioning in the summer and have heat in the winter, which also costs money.

Regardless of what you may have stuck in your mind most dealers run on a thin line of profit and are – hold onto your hats – in business to make money.

This is why getting the “sweet discount” is not always good for the person giving away what they are actually in business to get – a paycheck!

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