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Let’s just say you love the carefree trail riding without a good set of goggles. The wind blows through your hair, you and Mother Nature are in tune and it’s everything you wanted in a day of riding.

Fast-forward to the moment your buddy’s ATV in front of you throws a huge pile of gravel up about nose-high completely blinding you.

You’re in panic mode, the world is spinning and you may even be about to crash because you can no longer control or even see where your quad is going. What would you be willing to pay to rewind the clock and do this over again the right way?

It’s is funny to me when I hear the excuses when I ask someone who would normally not wear safety gear if they would like to borrow or even keep a pair of free goggles just so they can clearly see the trail.

Recently a lady in North Dakota was riding with her husband, not wearing eye protection and was hit in the face by a branch on the trail. Apart from being hit in the face, she didn’t think anything else was wrong until three days later she woke up in the middle of the night screaming in pain and with her eye swollen shut.

A small piece of the branch – about an inch long, had broken off and rooted itself behind her eyeball cutting through several nerves in her eye over the course of those three days since. She lost sight in that eye permanently.

Folks, you only get ONE set of eyes and you might not get hurt today or even next week, but it only takes one incident. Reduce the risk and invest in good eye protection.

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