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We’ve all witnessed people in the forums venting about being ripped off over an item they’ve bought or sold over the Internet.

How many times have you been taken to the cleaners while buying or selling an ATV accessory on eBay, or Kijjii or through a forum?

Buying an item presents the most risk. The item either doesn’t ship on time or maybe not at all. Or perhaps the creativity in the ad made the product appear much better than it really is leading to disappointment when the item finally arrives. However, selling can be a gut-wrenching, frustrating process as well.

As a seller, you run the risk of getting a bad reputation through word of mouth, which could affect your ability to sell again in the future.

Can you really be mad though if you started the sale off on the wrong foot and then paid the price because of your own inability to produce what you said you were going to?

Is someone wrong for telling others about how their experience with a seller or buyer when something goes wrong with the purchase?

If the person has made the effort to resolve the conflict with the seller or buyer without success then a last resort should be to vent a little and warn others.

These kinds of problems can leave a permanent scar on your online reputation. What do you think is the best approach for handling a sale gone badly?

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