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It seems that everything from tire sizes to engine displacement numbers are fudged just a little bit throughout the ATV/UTV industry.

A recent tire evaluation revealed that many ATV tires were indeed smaller in size than the printed numbers On the sidewall.

Further investigation led me to discover that not only were the tires more than 1-inch smaller, some were not even close to the stated size and nearly 1.75-inches smaller than indicated!

We see this with engine designations all the time too. A 459cc motor is marketed as a 500 or even a 951cc as a 1000. Its not a sin to do this and I think most buyers are aware of it. Just note its happening and further makes my point.

Any OEM or aftermarket manufacturer will always say it has the best product – ask anyone at their company. They can’t all be the best, but this is what marketing is all about.

The reality is someone will buy that product, be disappointed because it didn’t meet expectations promised in the promos and then word will spread. Don’t believe me? Check out any online forum!

If a company has a great product, then by all means be proud of it. However, I also think factual marketing could make it better.

If the manufacturers of these fine products were a bit more truthful in their marketing and the customers took it upon themselves to research these products before buying, I think we could find an even playing field here somewhere and make a lot more people happy.

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