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I recently had the opportunity to chat with some European ATV journalists about the trail development and maintenance in their country.

Turns out that over there, responsibility for trail maintenance rests in the laps of the people who ride them.

Could you imagine if it was just OUR responsibility to maintain trails and trail head facilities? Do you think anything would ever get done? What a concept.

Fact is that we play a huge role in responsible trail use. When your buddy drops his water bottle or tosses a snack wrapper onto the trail, the system begins to unravel and if you don’t stop to pick it up or reprimand the culprit for doing it then you’re equally responsible.

Companies like Yamaha and Polaris spend millions and have millions planned just for trail rehabilitation and maintenance grants and not many take advantage of that. It belongs to us so lets be sure to take care of it.

If you notice trash on a trail it only takes a second to stop and pick it up. It keeps the riding area looking nice and if everyone pitched in, it would set a great example for future generations.

The Europeans were so excited to talk about their trail programs and some people here just want to sweep it under the rug. Let’s all work together to maintain a better riding area fro everyone.

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