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How many times have you reinforced one part only to find the piece its attached to breaks on your next ride?

The fact is most people never think about this until after it happens and will assume the part was worn or just inefficient anyway and write it off.

The reality is that the weaker part was directly affected by the stronger piece you’d just installed. Get it?

I see this so much in the deep mud riding. The first items most will replace to carry the load of torque from the tranny to the rear wheels is the axle or half shaft.

These parts have been evolving more and more with some claiming to be indestructible. The boots are like a 6-ply tire and according to the manufacturers of these super tough CV axles the steel came right off the space shuttle.

After repairing a SXS with super tough axles I returned the ride to its owner and it wasn’t a few days later I got the call about another breakdown. The tough axle fix had worked so good that the rear differential tore itself right out of the frame!

The moral to the story is, just because you make extreme improvements in one area, doesn’t mean the rest of the drive train can handle the additional stress you’ll inflict.

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