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After a much needed break from working on my truck I decided to take a ride to see if the repairs were actually worth all of the aggravation I had put myself through.

My truck is not a bomber, it’s just a few years old and needs some work – plus it’s paid for. I’ve always felt repairing my stuff is cheaper than carrying a payment anyways.

When it comes to my ATVs I seem to be in the same state of mind. A used ATV not only offers a cheaper alternative to monthly payments, if you are a little mechanically inclined you can fix most minor problems fairly quick and easily.

What makes a person buy new over used? Is it the warranty? Is it the pristine plastic or dent-free frame? Or is it knowing the ATV’s history and that your cheeks have been the only ones to grace the saddle?

I’ve been restoring off road vehicles such as ATVs and UTVs for years and I never regret looking at a machine that sits idle in the garage for weeks when I’m not making payments on it.

I personally get a lot of satisfaction in the challenge of restoring the sparkle to a used machine and using the money I saved for fuel to go riding.

I don’t want to discourage buying a new ATV, but when cash flow is tight, there’s an aging fleet out there that could use some love.

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