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Last season Can-Am knocked our collective socks clean off our feet with the introduction of the next generation G2 Outlander boasting an all-new 82 horsepower 1000 Rotax V-twin.

Absent from the lot was a Max version in this chassis, but we had a hunch it wouldn’t be far behind. When the marketing team pulled the sheets off the G2 Max this spring we weren’t surprised, but were nonetheless excited to get out on the trail to test it out.

There’s an Outlander Max for just about any budget from the mid-bore 500 right up to the ridiculously potent1000 Rotax V-twin and it is available in a variety of packages including the DPS, XT, XT-P and the top-of-the-heap Limited boasting Pearl white paint, slick suspension and a Garmin nav system.

Interesting to note, Can-Am’s Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering is available at each trim level to reduce steering effort and feedback up through the handlebars while meandering through S-bends or tight, rock strewn turns.

At the push of a button simply select your preferred level of assistance based on the situation to ease steering effort at each turn.

The Surrounding Spar Technology G2 frame claims increased strength compared to a traditional steel tube chassis requiring fewer welds. Can-Am’s engineers claim fewer parts are used than on its previous Max models and the SST G2 frame has twice the torsional stiffness than before.

What does this equate to? It means your Max is better suited to meet the abuse you inflict upon it week after week. Don’t believe us? This is the same chassis used in Can-Am’s 2013 X mr mud crawling monster, which is a favorite amongst mudders.

In true Can-Am fashion, its engineers have served up comfort for the rider and passenger on a silver platter by adding Fox ACS air assist 6-way adjustable rear suspension to its Max Limited model.

At the flick of your thumb, you can increase or decrease stiffness on the fly to smooth out trail chatter and tailor your ride to your preference or to the preference of the passenger.

The Outlander Max has always been the pinnacle of 2-up comfort. Its 59-inch wheelbase provides spacious comfort for both rider and passenger featuring a re-designed passenger seat with a taller more flexible backrest plus multi-position passenger handholds to ensure the tightest grip while climbing steep hills or when the throttle gets squeezed.

For those rare opportunities when you can get out on the trail without the rear seat occupied, the Max will convert to a 1-up machine in seconds with its unique convertible rack system executing Can-Am’s LinQ technology. With the back seat removed, anyone would swear you were riding a standard sized Outlander and if they aren’t fooled? Simply blow the doors off their ATV with a wick of the throttle.

If there’s one thing the 2013 Max give back to its buyer it is options. Whether it’s the trim level, the engine size, input from the dynamic power steering or push button air assisted suspension, Can-Am’s 2013 Outlander Max gives you the control to tailor your riding experience to whatever you want it to be.

Mike Lester
Mike Lester
Mike Lester is Staff Photographer and Digital Content Manager for Dirt Trax TV. He is also a Contributing Editor and Guest Correspondent on the show.

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