Honcho Winch Provides Serious Pulling Power

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Ramsey offers a winch that exceeds the pulling power of pretty much any other unit on the market, short of a full-on Jeep winch. With 5,000 pounds of rated pulling power and 60 feet of woven galvanized aircraft cable, the Ramsey Honcho 5000 can do some serious pulling.

The extra resistance from the friction on the bottom of the stuck UTV and its sizable mass can be very hard on winch cables and gear reduction systems.

The Honcho solves the problem with a 3-stage planetary gear reduction case and a 294:1 reduction ratio to provide plenty of leverage but still keeps the line speed fast enough so you don’t have to wind your watch or update your diary while waiting.

The roller fairlead on the front of the Honcho does a good job when you’re stuck in a tight, craggy hole and can’t get lined up for a straight pull. The heavy duty rollers are designed to take a lot of weight without binding and all the hardware is super strong.

As a matter of fact, the mounting bracket provided by Ramsey for the front of the UTV is a solid piece of equipment and is not embarrassed about being designed to haul heavy loads.

For those who ride a UTV any place it even smells like mud, we strongly recommend adding one of these things. A winch may be the best aftermarket investment you ever make. We’ve been buried enough times without one to make sure we never leave on a product test without at least one of our vehicles having a winch.

A Ramsey 5,000 pounder is absolutely the ticket for solving every possible sticky situation. Visit RamseyATV.com or call 918-438-2760.

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