How Big Is The Side-X-Side Industry

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While ATV sales have shrunk, the side-x-side biz has been growing rapidly.

The problem is the OEMs who build SxS vehicles are not reporting build and sales numbers as they do for ATVs.

However, the ever-insightful folks here at DirtTrax have an opinion on this topic based on what we’ve learned over the past ten years since the SxS boom began.

We suspect the SXS market in MY 12 will exceed the 300,000 unit level and come scary close to matching sales and production of ATVs.

We’ve been hearing some interesting insights into the rapid growth of the UTV business as the ATV market continues to slide from it’s lofty 900,000 unit sales level in 2005 to less than 500,000 units this year.

Seems ATV manufacturers that invested in diversifying their off-road profiles to include side-by-sides are continuing to make progress and are much more likely to be profitable in the off-road marketplace.

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