Is Bigger and Badder Always Better?

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Manufacturers in the off-road industry seem to be racing to build the biggest, wildest and most powerful side-x-side ever.

As engine sizes grow, so does pricing, which puts owning the newest high flying machines like the RZR XP1K, Maverick or Wildcat 1000 more and more out of reach for the average consumer.

The big question is when will these manufacturers slow down and focus on building smaller machines that are more affordable to the average consumer?

The truth is you can’t really make all the current suspension, engine or drive train technology cheaply because these are purpose-built machines developed take abused and their durability equates to a higher price tag.

Arctic Cat developed the Wild Cat to appeal to dune riders and rock crawlers. It is their flagship side-x-side with a big price tag, but could they develop a smaller version and make other potential enthusiasts happy? Could there be an all-new smaller output mill in the works for that chassis?

Earlier this year we saw a press release for a 50-inch wide Wildcat that will compete directly with Polaris’ 50-inch wide RZR, but haven’t heard much about it since. When it reaches the market, will it use the dated XTZ motor to keep the pricing down? Will that be enough to get the tech-minded tuners excited?

Only time will tell what direction the manufacturers go and what new piece of technology will be available in the coming months. Maybe it’s a good idea to just start saving right now.

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