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Ever consider what could happen while you’re out on the trail if something on your ATV or side-x-side breaks down? Just how would you fix the problem?

Are you carrying the correct tools in the glove box or storage compartment or is there an extra part like a spark plug sitting in your garage that you really should be carrying?

Some of you might not feel concerned because you’re riding something relatively new, but what if you encounter a problem? What would I do?

Well here are some thoughts from a recent discussion I had while attending Mexico’s Baja 1000 race.

If you’re traveling on a really rocky trail and you puncture a tire you’re going to need some way to re-inflate the tire and some way to plug the hole. That’s two specialty tools right there. You can get a compact exhaust style inflation device to take care of one problem, but you’ll need a tire repair kit as well.

What if a plug fouls? Can you simply replace the part with the OEM tool kit provided with your vehicle? Possibly, but some plugs are extremely hard to get to. Maybe it would be wise to comb over your ride and determine the right wrenches and sockets that fit, then pack those along with a knife, some duct tape and some Puncture Seal.

Maybe you should think about a tire pump too and it’s probably smart to pack a tow strap or some rope as well.

It’s tough to predict every situation that could arise, but preparing for smaller and more common issues is the first thing you should be thinking about when heading out on the trails.

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