It’s a Moose!

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We recently got an informal ride and appraisal of a new ATV brand sure to stir up some interest in the industry.

CF Moto from China has been building thousands of motorcycles and scooters for the Asian market for years. The company’s new 500cc 4-wheeler is an impressive effort, to say the least.

Available in both single passenger and 2-up configurations, the Moose offers independent A-arm rear suspension (the first we’ve seen on a Chinese-built ATV), double A-arms up front and specialty equipment like a low range sub transmission, selectable 4WD and a locking front differential.

Based on what looks mysteriously like a Grizzly 660 chassis, the trim and plastic work is clean and well executed. Although there were some details in the paint and welding that didn’t look as nice as the competition’s, we have to admit, this is a very good effort and it’s bound to turn heads in the showroom.

What’s it like to ride? Well, the engine is a carbureted 500 SOHC single with decent bottom end power and the CVT, although not as smooth operating as some of the more evolved systems out there, still worked nicely. Also, there was a bit more vibration due to the motor mount system not having the kind of damping we’ve grown used to.

All in all, though, the Moose has decent pulling power, runs really nicely on the trail and is a competent handler. Certainly more tweaking will take place in the future but at a super low-price, we smell bargain here.

For more information call 1-877-463-3940.

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