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Does anyone else get really stressed out when it comes to jetting a sport quad lately?

The carburetor on most ATVs born close to the advent of fuel injection seem to be a huge a pain in the rear to work on.

Getting the factory FCR carb set to factory calculations is no problem at all, but when you add a pipe, cut the top off the air box and then add in ethanol fuel causing fuel gelling and corrosion you can chase your tail for days. Not to mention the use of a few good spark plugs wasted for the sake of testing, which aren’t exactly cheap these days either!

It just drives me nuts when there’s the primary jet, leak jet, starter jet, main jet, needle jet and even an accelerator pump to take into consideration.

Why is the stock needle non-adjustable and why if your quad sits for a few months does the ethanol gas erode the accelerator pump diaphragm so it appears flat off idle or like it isn’t getting enough primary jetting?!

The fact that most manufacturers are moving to fuel injection makes me feel good that I won’t have to fool around with jetting anymore, but I know there will be a few stragglers in the shop that will cause me to lose sleep.

I’m just glad to have finally figured out the issue and I’m also glad to be done with that project.

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