Kubota Widens Its Appeal

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Okay, our performance viewers and readers don’t always get all tingly when we talk about Kubota.

Lets face it Kubota’s stellar reputation has been built on a steadfast determination to build the toughest workhorses in the world.

This is no small feat and the reliability and durability record of anything with “Kubota” written on it is legendary. These vehicles are built “first to last” and their ruggedness and ability to withstand abuse cannot be understated.

With very advanced hydraulic systems (the cargo bed is actuated hydraulically, the power steering uses a hydraulic pump just like a car and most transmissions are continuously variable hydrostatic) and diesel engines, there’s little doubt Kubotas are meant to work hard and live long lives.

We wouldn’t go out on a limb and try to convince you Kubota is now in the high performance SxS biz – that’s not likely where the company is headed. However, a new model dubbed the RTVx1100 gets closer to widening the appeal of Kubota to more recreational-focused riders.

It still uses the above-noted hydraulic features but now has a truly independent double A-arm suspension front and rear.

Yes, we have to note the RTVx is still very heavy compared to most utility-rec crossover SxSs but where there’s longevity, there’s extra support, bracing and reinforcement and that means more mass – no way around it.

What the RTVx gives you, though, is a much more pleasant ride experience, better handling and much quicker reflexes. In two words: MORE FUN!

We don’t have room here but we could go on about the quality of the fully enclosed, A/C-equipped cab and the luxury feel of all the RTV’s controls but we’ll follow up on those in the near future.

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