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The difference between a CVT or a CV comes up quite often in forums as people are trying to understand their machine or diagnose an issue they’re having.

It’s surprising, but understandable many folks don’t know these are two different parts and although they’re used on the same machine, they are not related.

CVT or Continuously Variable Transmission describes the clutch’s constant variable state during operation. Instead of shifting gear on gear like on a pure sport quad or older utility ATV, a belt rotates between a pair of pulleys that expand and contract to give low, mid and high speeds. The belt transfers power from the drive pulley to the driven pulley and onto the gearbox.

CV or CV joints are ball bearing joints at the end of an axle or half shaft that gives the axle the ability to rotate at a constant and equal speed throughout its travel with the suspension.

It’s always helpful to be familiar with terminology so know what you’re talking about before assuming you need a total CVT rebuild when your CV boot has been busted open for a month. Get it?

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