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Prices of just about everything seem to have crept upwards in the last few months and getting a deal on used stuff for your side-x-side might be a bit tougher on your wallet than it has been as well.

If you look at what a side-x-side costs these days it is hard to determine what the right choice for your first add-on or aftermarket part should be.

Sweet looking rims drip coolness from every pore and the thought of a nice cab top or full enclosure to keep the elements off passengers seems like a great idea, but realistically what do you need to keep your side by side moving forward in any condition? The first thing that comes to mind is a winch.

Bling is great, but if you get stuck chances are you can get yourself out with the aid of a winch. Sure you want my ride to look good, but the survivalist in you probably wants it to be unstoppable as well.

As far as keeping the elements off you, you should probably look at a soft bikini top or if the price is right, a nice ABS plastic one would do. Most manufacturers carry a wide line of these products (winches included) that can be installed by the dealer before you even pick up the new ride.

Companies like Can-Am and Polaris as well as Kawasaki and Yamaha have huge catalogs of great stuff for you to get right from the dealership.

If you’re buying aftermarket parts or accessories, look for products that will make your riding experience better. Remember, even the prettiest side-x-side can get really, really stuck.

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