Missing The Boat

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I started riding ATVs in the mid 80’s and in those early years we used them for hunting, fishing and working on snowmobile trails. Back then ride quality, riding 2-up or defined legal riding weren’t issues.

Times have sure changed though as we’re seeing manufactures making purpose built 2-uppers that are a huge hit among ATV enthusiasts and make our sport a whole lot safer to participate in.

Now let’s throw the Side X Sides into the mix, which has become my choice as the perfect recreational vehicle meeting and exceeding all my recreational needs.

I can throw my 14 foot Jon boat up on top, stuff all my fishing gear in and while on the way to my secret fishing hole I can have someone next to me to chit-chat with.

I can clip on the side door skirts, buckle up my seat-belt, adjust my rear view mirror hanging from the ROPS certified roll cage and I’m now riding in the safest ATV recreational vehicle I have ever been on.

Here’s the problem though: where I live in Ontario Canada I can legally ride my ATV on municipal roads and secondary highways, but I cannot legally ride a purpose-built 2-up ATV (i.e. Outlander Max) or a Side X Side (i.e. Polaris 400 Ranger) because they do not fit the legal description of an ATV according to Bill 11 for the province of Ontario. In my opinion, this really sucks!

Don’t get me wrong. Getting Bill 11 in place was a great piece of legislation and an enormous success for ATVers across the province, but its time to take the next step. We need to incorporate these new and safe recreational vehicles into Bill 11.

‘Nuf said!!

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