North American Pure Sport SXS Dominance

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There’s no doubt the performance SxS market is booming. If rabid interest in the Wildcat, Maverick and RZR wasn’t enough evidence, all you have to do is talk to dealers and you’ll find out how amazing the growth of this segment has become over the last three years.

With all the focus on the above three products and their sub-models, it almost looks like Can-Am, Polaris and Arctic Cat have the competition covered.

So far there certainly doesn’t seem to be much response from Japanese manufacturers like Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and the absent from the market Suzuki and we’re not sure why.

It may have something to do with potential product liability concerns but – how do you explain those same companies’ obsession with building radical bullet bikes for the street or ultra race-focused motocross and enduro iron?

The fact is: The powersports business runs on a certain element of risk and it’s what defines the personalities of people who buy powersport products.

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