Not Worthless Just Worth Less

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According to the national scale, the offroad industry took a hit this last year in final values of ATVs and UTVs. Now your prized possession is worth a bit less than it was this time last year.

It is generally understood that the older a machine is the less it’s worth, but some do seem to hold their value.

Speaking with a neighbor just a few days ago we realized his Yamaha had maintained a value on the private market of almost five thousand dollars. I was surprised that any SXS or ATV of that age could still draw that kind of money, but it’s actually not that uncommon.

Search the intrenet for any specific brand and look at what kind of money some people are asking and sometimes getting for their machines. You’d be very surprised.

Its not clear if the parts market is on fire or if people are just holding on to every last shred of value in their machines. I do know this, if it has been taken care of and is in demand you have a good chance of getting what you want for it.

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