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Is it just me or do more and more youngsters seem to have a great sense of entitlement? I visited with some friends at a cross-country ATV and SXS race event in Georgia recently.

As I walked for what seemed like 20 miles through the crowds on a breezy Saturday, I strolled past RV after RV packed full of young racers. Most seemed like great kids, but I overheard one child really getting after it with his father about why he didn’t perform well in the morning races.

He spoke to his Dad as if he himself were the adult and proceeded to tell him everything he had for racing was junk. This kid even told his startled father he was going to intentionally throw his next round if he didn’t get a specific piece equipment. We’re talking about what looked to be a 10 year old boy!

Sometimes we give our kids so much they grow to expect it without hesitation and aside from the fact some serious discipline needed to be applied quick, there appeared to be a disconnect in that particular family unit.

I remember every single part I installed on my ATV because I had to shell out the cash for every bit of it. In racing you have to be competitive with your equipment as well as with your mind, but a parent cannot make their youngster a champion by throwing money at them. This will only create a sense of undeserved entitlement until the child believes that’s what the world owes them.

Dirt Trax Youth Correspondent Cody Martin demonstrates respect for his elders and shows appreciation for his opportunity to have access to good equipment…

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