Outrageous Rage 250

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Exclusive Report By: AJ Lester

Although you may deny the reality of offshore ATVs in the under 300cc category, the growing number of units available in North America significantly increases your likelihood of passing one on the trails.

Unison lays down a more than adequate 250cc class beginner ATV on the table and the Rage 250 brings factory options like nerf bars, a front bush bar; aluminum rims and some much-needed sizzle along with it.

If you know a thing or two about driveline components you may be surprised how Unison has mounted the 244cc 4-stroke mill. Although apprehensive about the almost one inch of motor play, when stabbing the throttle we’re convinced this is the way it was designed and our testing proved it is not an issue.

On the trail the Rage is snappy enough to keep you interested and the suspension -although a little stiff up front – does its job working through small to medium size moguls. Larger ruts and bumps will bottom out both ends of the suspension with a full size rider aboard.

Braking at speed is decent. Hydraulic disk brakes slow the 420 pound (dry weight) unit and the steel braded lines translate to smooth actuation of the brake levers.

The Rage does have a rather wide turning radius and the bars lock out much too early. Though not noticeable on most trails, in tight situations it could be an issue.

Unison’s Rage 250 is a respectable entry level ATV packed with features not typically found in this class and especially at this price. You can be on the dirt for about $2,990 USD which is about $400 less than a Kymco Mongoose or $4,499 MSRP Canadian, which is about $500 less than the 250cc Eton Vector.

To locate a dealer in your area contact:

USA – Unison Motors: (626) 387-5437
Canada – Crank Motorsports: (604) 552-5822

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