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Getting a product that you have to modify before it really fits your needs or meets your standards may not be the right product for you.

It really bothers me when I order a part that’s made to replace an existing component on my SXS and it uses so many different parts besides the factory pieces.

For example, I ordered a replacement half shaft for the left rear of a SXS. The owner of the machine decided that he did not want to spend the money for the OEM axle so we purchased one from another well-known aftermarket product company.

The axle arrived and looked awesome. I cleaned the cage and roller bearings and reassembled the small joint on the end of the axle before reinstalling it into the inner cup on the differential.

When I tried to install the circlip on the end of the axle to keep the cage and bearings on the shaft I realized the splines on the axle are cut almost an eighth of an inch too short so the CV joint inner race would not fit down far enough to get the locking clip on.

I knew what was wrong but instead I called the company out and asked if there was any way I might have mixed this up as I was reusing the stock internals for the joint. Their response was that it should work with stock equipment.

So, after grinding the eighth of an inch of each spline down the shaft and installing the circlip I came to the conclusion it’s just become acceptable for some companies to have a lazy production team and poor quality control.

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